The Drift League 2019: Round 2

Additionally, Round 2 saw the return of a seasoned driver, yet piloting a new car.

Toyota Supra drift
Carlos Cano Estrella pushes his A80 Supra around the horseshoe.

Carlos Cano Estrella, known for his 1UZ AE86 through Season 1, returned to Season 2, Round 2 in a rather modest (in comparison to the other cars present) Toyota Supra, keeping the brand loyalty to Toyota going with a 2JZ-GTE underneath the hood.

The course for Round 2 was an oddity, especially for Irwindale. Due to Formula Drift Atlanta happening the next weekend, it was decided to run a sort of tribute layout to the Road Atlanta course.

This saw the section of the bank before the inner oval only used as lead-up, due to the sharp angle drivers had to take coming off of it.

Nissan 240sx coupe drifting
Pablo Cabreras powers off of the bank.

Following the left hand off the bank, came a long right-hander that would push all the way across the infield until the far inner oval.

Mazda RX7 FD drifting
Canadian Pro-Am driver Sean Hartum locks up the rears to keep sideways through the sweeping right-hander.

The hairpin, or horseshoe, was a right-hander as well, which wrapped around onto itself and saw drivers leaving the track through the way they came.

BMW E36 drifting
RJ Contreras, aka RJ_Drifts powers out of the hairpin’s first apex.

Following the hairpin was a re-run of the first two corners, albeit now a left-hander followed by a right-hander.

Ford Mustang Drifting
Eddy Zapata maneuvers his Feal Suspension Mustang Bullitt back up the bank.

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