The Drift League 2019: Round 2

The initiation lines served as the finish line on this layout, resulting in a strategy of putting the pedal to the medal all the way up the bank emerging in tandem practice.

Despite the far drier conditions compared to rainy Round 1, Round 2 was not without some damage dealt to the cars;

During practice 1, several cars had come close to and even made contact with a rather large plastic barrier that marked the outside of the hairpin’s entrance. Fortunately, the cars that had hit it only made contact with their body panels, sparing the much more important components.

The Irwindale Luck, however, had other ideas for Micah Diaz.

Coming in hot, the Holdfast driver pushed his E46 BMW too far out in preparation for the horseshoe, and as a direct result hit the corner of the barrier with the center of his driverside-rear wheel.

The damage was immediate, the wounded E46 soon limping off track into the cold pits after being unable to initiate in the horseshoe.

Upon investigating, it was soon apparent that the hit had shorn the suspension assembly off in two places; on the arm itself, and where the wishbone mounts to the chassis itself.

Broken BMW Suspension ArmBroken parts from Micha Diaz’s car litter the ground.

BMW E46 Suspension
The damage caused to Micah’s car from the barrier shunt.


Qualifying, fortunately, went through without any damage dealt, the Irwindale spirits seemingly satisfied with the earlier suspension sacrifice.

Additionally, Micah’s team was able to even repair the E46’s rear-left suspension in time, enabling him to participate in qualifying.

Nissan 240sx S13 hatch
Keoni Rodrigues powers through the second to last corner during qualifying.

With that, the Top 16 line-up looked like this:

1. Jon Shaffer; 83 Points
2. Micah Diaz; 80 Points
3. Tony Cisneros; 78 Points
4. Pablo Cabrera; 74 Points
5. Bear Rzesnowiecky; 73 Points
6. Keoni Rodrigues; 73 Points
7. Susan Purkhiser; 65 Points
8. Aaron Velazquez; 65 Points
9. RJ Contreras; 60 Points
10. Meliton Villamor; 59 Points
11. Shawn Hartum; 55 Points
12. Ernie Fixmer; 52 Points
13. Edward Zapata; 43 Points
14. Carlos Cano Estrella; 42 Points
15. Margaritis Katsanidis; 35 Points
16. Don Boline; 15 Points

With that, the opening ceremonies began.

Formula Drift Pro Am Opening Ceremony
Drivers line up before the crowd as the sun begins to set on the LA skyline.


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