The Drift League 2019: Round 2
Nissan 240sx S14 drifting
Cisneros (front) powers out of the hairpin, closely tailed by Shaffer (behind).

The ferocity in the air only died down as the positions were changed, both cars soon ripping out of the start box only moments after the end of the last run. The sound of both unmuffled, raw, fierce Chevy engines roared out once again into the night as they took off. Cisneros in the lead, he was able to break away from Shaffer at first initiation at the cost of angle, a choice that just may cost favor with the judges. The distance only widened for a brief moment through the sweepers, Shaffer nearly making contact in a similar fashion to the previous run at a hairpin dive-in. Cisneros was unable to break away a second time upon exiting the hairpin, doing his best to get the Spacious Garage Nissan off of his quarter panel.

A silence hung in the air as both drivers let off the throttle upon crossing the line, the humming of spotlights and the local cityscape being the suspenseful score to tonight’s grand finale.

Without announcing the winners just yet, spectators, staff, crew, and media were herded to the famed Irwindale Podium, where the results of the epic battle were finally released.

In Third was Pablo Cabrera.

Second was the driver of a dark-colored Nissan S14 240sx, by the name of Jon Shaffer.

First place belonged to Tony Cisneros, the thrill of victory apparent on his face as he was called up.

Formula Drift Podium
The winners (Pablo Cabrera left, Tony Cisneros middle, Jon Shaffer right) hold up their rewards from NRG Innovations.

With the winners determined, the celebration came about soon after with none but the popping of fine champagne.

Formula Drift celebration
Was it worth being drenched in alcohol for this shot? Yes, yes it was.

The night finally came to a close as people drifted out from the Irwindale grounds, another Round of Season 2 of The Drift League successfully coming to a close.

However, there are 2 more rounds slated for this year, so be sure to attend if you haven’t!

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