The Hail Mary: The Build Story Behind Speed Week Part 1


A new Bosch water pump and pigtail was purchased from Well actually, it was a wedding gift from fellow MotoIQ writer, Merritt Johnson. Yes, I put an intercooler pump on my wedding registry along with a leak down compression tester if you must know. Obviously, these items are much more useful than a new frying pan or set of bed sheets. Thanks for the water pump Merritt! 
Through extensive, tightly controlled scientific backyard testing, we determined that the Ford Lightning Bosch water pump flowed about 8.5 gallons per minute.
We also determined that it would make one hell of a frat house beer bong. Kids, please don’t try this at home.

Both the intercooler’s water delivery and return lines run through the firewall, again using a series of Earl’s bulkhead and 90 degree push lock fittings. The rubber standoffs pictured above are used to mount the ECU and electronics panel which fastens over the top of the intercooler lines and Earl’s fittings.


A pair of Earl's Performance Plumbing 3/4″ barbed, -10 AN fittings were attached to the other end of the bulkhead fittings.  The combination of these Earl's fittings and push lock hose allow the frigid ice water to flow to the Spearco air to liquid intercooler uninterrupted.  The best thing about this approach was that the firewall remained sealed to prevent any fuel, oil or fire from getting into the cabin during an accident.

Via a pair of 45 degree AN fittings, the Earl's -10 push lock lines terminate into our Spearco air to liquid intercooler. 

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