The Hail Mary: The Build Story Behind Speed Week Part 1




Our Jaz fuel cell originally came with two ports on the top. One port had an AN fitting and a fuel pickup and the second port, a rollover (check) valve. Neither of which we had any need for. Using a series of AN fittings, a rubber hose, and some hillbilly engineering, we converted the two existing ports into a rather elaborate water return line. The return line entered one hole via a series of Earl’s AN fittings and a bulkhead connector.

Push lock hose normally does not require a hose clamp, but SCTA rules insist that a clamp is used even on this type of hose. We put this one here to satisfy the tech inspectors at Speed Week. Remember, a pissed off tech inspector can really ruin a race weekend. Illogical rule or not, it’s in our best interest to keep these guys happy.
Inside the tank, is another 90 degree Earl’s push lock fitting with a rubber hose attached to it. The rubber hose has been strategically drilled so that the hot return water is sprayed along a large surface area of ice. Without this line, the hot water would just dump into one area and eventually melt all of the ice in that one spot. This would create a hot spot in our water tank, which could potentially reduce the effectiveness of our Spearco air to liquid intercooler.
With the intercooler system complete, we'll shift our focus to bringing Project 240SX LSR’s chassis up to snuff in part two of our “Hail Mary” build story.  Stay tuned.  



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