The Heart of a Record Breaker III: Completing the VVL Head Swap and Engine Assembly



There's simply not much room for the VVL solenoid when the engine is mounted in a RWD configuration. However, without using a remote solenoid plate, the 20V single solenoid is the only other bolt on option that leaves clearance between the head and firewall.  Using the 20V single solenoid set up meant that we gave up the ability to individually control the intake and exhaust VVL switching points.

On the right is the Nissan activation pin and on the left, our permanently locking version.  

Instead, we made a longer activation pin which permanently locked the exhaust rocker arm on the high cam lobe.  Special thanks to my buddy Julio Solis for machining these up for me.  

Here, you can see how each of our exhaust rockers are permanently locked to engage the high cam lobe of our SR16VE N1 camshafts.  

With the exhaust rocker arm situation figure out, Nick Hunter turned his attention towards shimming each of the valves. Shimming ensures that there is adequate clearance between the valve and the rocker arm and that each valve opens at the same time.  

Before I watched Nick Hunter put together this engine, I never really gave the shims in an SR20 too much thought.  Back in the days of NASA SE-R cup, if we ever threw our rocker arms, we’d just find which ever ones we could and toss them back into the engine.  In other words, no thought was given to shim size or clearances.  After seeing Nick Hunter’s shim collection and actually giving it some thought, I feel like a personal face palm moment is in order.  Excuse me for a second while I dislodge my hand from my face.  :::FACE PALM:::


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