The Heart of a Record Breaker III: Completing the VVL Head Swap and Engine Assembly



John Kuchta fabricated the intake manifold plenum by slicing open a 5″ aluminum U-bend that we sourced from Burn's Stainless.  The “U” is what gives the plenum the tapering shape as it nears cylinder four.  To top off the plenum, John Kuchta welded an Xcessive Manufacturing SR16VE N1 throttle body flange in place.  Yes, we could have gone with a larger throttle body like the Q45. Remember fellas, this is a 1.5L engine!

As a side note, there are a lot of cheap suppliers of aluminum U-bends out there but they often have wrinkles and stretch marks along the bend area.  Perhaps the blemishes only have a marginal performance impact, but from an aesthetic point of view they definitely suck.  This is why we chose to go with a U-bend from Burn's Stainless.  

Join us next time as we dive into our SR15VET 20V’s turbo system which features a combination of parts from Borg Warner, Turbosmart, and Full Race Motorsports.  




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