The Last Hoosier Hundred
Chris Windom Crash
Then a dozen laps in, disaster struck Windom. As he came down the main straight (right in front of us actually), his right rear tire exploded like a balloon. The blown tire shot Windom into the outside wall. As his car dug into the dirt, it sent him into a barrel roll, tumbling down the straight. The flag men actually had to dive out of their tower to avoid the tumbling car. Miraculously, no other cars hit Windom as he rolled down the darkened dirt.

Windom Crash Aftermath 1

Windom Crash Aftermath 2
I’m happy to report that Chris Windom walked away from his spectacular accident uninjured. The tire blew at around 140mph and in the dirt, that’s a worst case scenario. The entire car is a write-off, but fortunately Chris was OK. A 20 minute red flag ensued as the debris was cleaned up.
Hoosier Hundred Restart
With the mess cleared, the race resumed, the drivers being forced to put the danger out of their heads as they buckled down for another 90 miles of racing.
Hoosier Hundred Racing
The racing was great. The lead cars started to pull a bit of a gap, but the mid field battles were wildly entertaining. The track ended up being not quite two grooves wide, giving drivers a few options to find pace around each other.
Hoosier Hundred Start Finish Line
It was a bit tough following the full action. I wasn’t near the timing screen and there wasn’t much of a race report afterwards. Most of this is from memory!

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