The Last Hoosier Hundred
Kevin Thomas Jr Leading
Kevin Thomas Jr lead most of the race, keeping a few car lengths between himself and Tyler Corutney and USAC legend Kody Swanson.
Kody Swanson
Swanson has his own special Hoosier Hundred legacy: he’s one of only two drivers to have ever won four Hoosier Hundreds in a row. The other is Al Unser Sr. Kody was aiming for a fifth consecutive Hoosier Hundred. Sadly, that was not to be and he eventually finished 3rd.
Danger Zone
You may be noticing that the only thing between me and 1600 lbs of angry, sliding racecar is a piece of flimsy two tier Armco. Obviously a bit of zoom gives good shots without getting to close to the danger zone, and I also practiced the track marshal rule: never turn your back to an oncoming racecar. Most of the other photographers didn’t do that which was a surprise. Aside from a couple of light posts, you’re completely exposed in the infield.
Hoosier Hundred Action
After Windom’s accident, the race stayed relatively clean running for well over half of its distance without another caution.
Yellow Flag
However the caution waved multiple times towards the end of the race. On the back straight Chris Dyson also took a tumble when he tangled with another car, also barrel rolling end over end. The two time ALMS champ was uninjured, but the incident required another lengthy red flag to clean up. This set up a late race shootout for the win.

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