The Rest of the Story: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S Feature


Tony Angelo FR-S Seibon
While the Rocket Bunny kit uses a splitter, fenders, and barge boards, Seibon pieces replace the factory hood and trunk. You might also notice the lack of a diffuser that is normally part of the Rocket Bunny FR-S kit. No doubt because it would probably get in the way of the rear jacking point.
Tony Angelo FR-S
Those modified fenders need either wide or aggressively offset wheels to fill them (all the better to keep the stance fans at bay) and Hankook tires and Enkei wheels come to the aid of the US Air Force FR-S. Believe me, these Rocket Bunny flares add a lot of space to the fenders of the car. Having seen what we had to do to the Mackin FR-S with the same kit I know it takes something pretty wild to fill these fenderwells.
Hankook Ventus RS-3 Enkei RPF-01
The rear wheels are Enkei RPF-1s in 18×9.5 and Tony didn't up the offset. It could be a secret or he could be using spacers to change the track width depending on where the car is running. The Hankook Ventus RS-3 come in the P255/35R18 variety but as was pointed out in the build articles that may change as Tony sees how they perform during the season. I believe they still have some room to play with in terms of tire width in their weight class. The rear brakes are Stoptech/TRD 335mm vented rotors with one 43mm and another 40mm caliper. The larger caliper is used for the hydraulic handbrake that is operated by an ASD unit with a 3/4-inch Wilwood brake master cylinder.
Hankook Ventus RS-3 Enkei RPF-1

The front wheels are Enkei RPF-1s in 17×9.0 with Hankook Ventus RS-3 tires sized P225/45R17. Again, this may change throughout the year. The front brakes feature TRD 328mm rotors and OEM calipers. Tony is also currently using the Stoptech SR34 Compound Brake Pads. The pad compound is Semi-Metallic with carbon and graphite particles.

These racing pads are designed with a very high initial bite but they do still increase in torque as they get warmer so they will work a little better with repeated use. While drifting doesn't have a high requirement for brakes the pad's initial bite characteristics are critical for hydraulic hand brake performance.

Recaro Seats Takata Seat Belts
Tony and any of his potential passengers will ride in relative comfort with Recaro racing seats. The driver's model is the Profi SPG while the passenger sits in a Profi XL. The larger seat allows for a wider range of body types so that everyone will get a chance to ride.

The Takata Race-6 SFI harnesses keeps them both in place as Tony drives hard and tries his best to scare the crap out of any unsuspecting riders. The Takata Race-6 SFI are six point cam lock harnesses with pull down shoulder and lap belts. The shoulder and lap belts are 3 inches wide for SFI certification, but don't feature HANS device compatibility like the Race 6 HANS SFI features. That means that the upper portions of the shoulder harnesses are not two-inches wide like the HANS SFI uses.

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