The Rest of the Story: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S Feature


Tony Angelo FR-S
To control where the front wheels are pointed, Tony uses a Sparco R345 steering wheel and to keep an eye on how the car is doing he relies on the Motec Sport Dash Display. The throttle pedal is pretty unique, too. I'll explain more when I get to the engine. Tony also uses the GSR transmission from last year's tC as it works and fits well, only requiring some minor transmission tunnel modifications.
Panic the Stuffed Toy Dog Tony Angelo FR-S
While Panic didn't make the Long Beach trip, he was there in stuffed toy spirit! Zip ties make up his harness in the FR-S.
Fuel Safe Fuel Cell Tony Angelo Scion FR-S
To keep the car fueled up and to keep it from exploding in Pinto-like fashion from a rear impact, the US Air Force FR-S uses a Fuel Safe five gallon cell filled with Ignite Green which is a 108 Octane Ethanol blend. That means lots of boost without the engine-killing heat.
Bosh Fuel Pumps Tony Angelo FR-S
The fueling system is slightly JDM style with two Bosch 044 fuel pumps working in parallel to supply the engine. Those pumps are fed by a custom surge tank that uses a Holley 12-815-1 Black 140 GPH electric fuel pump.
Winters Quick Change Fuel Cell Scion FR-S Tony Angelo
To finalize the power that gets sent to the rear tires a Winters Championship Independent Quick-Change rear end is used with Porsche 930 CV output flanges. The Porsche 930 CV flanges can take tons of abuse and are the favorite of many rear end and axle conversions. The base ratio is 4.11 and they have anything from 3.5 to 4.9 on the quick change ratios at any given time.

The axles are Driveshaft Shop custom jobs. The outers are STi hubs machined to take a larger stub axle and the Porsche 930 CV style on the inner. The axles themselves feature an aerospace grade torsional metal with 36 splines. The outer CVs feature billet balls and cages while the inner CVs feature Driveshaft Shop larger, high-grade differential splines and a proprietary CV joint design.

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