The Rest of the Story: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S Feature


Tony Angelo FR-S 2AZFE

To keep the engine cool a Griffin universal radiator and EMP Stewart Components electric water pump circulate the water into the engine. The E389A Electric Water Pump is interesting since it is located outside the engine. This means there is no additional load on the engine because it's not driven by the accessory belt and if it does go bad they don't have to remove the timing belt to do a change. While the 2AZ-FE doesn't use the timing belt to drive the water pump it is still located behind it.

The Dominic Biro custom made intake feeds Garrett boosted air to the the stock valves and head that features the OEM Toyota intake camshaft. The exhaust camshaft is a BC Racing item and both camshafts use the stock cam gears. However, the Toyota VVTi is still employed to change the valve timing on the intake side.

Tony Angelo FR-S 2AZ-FE
To feed the engine its Ignite Green fuel, Injector Dynamics ID2000 2000cc injectors are used. Sending the signals to the injectors, coils, and wastegate is the Motec M400. The harness is made by Motec USA West and uses Raychem wiring with Deutsch Connex connectors.
Tony Angelo FR-S US Air Force Scion
An Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator keeps base fuel pressure at 45psi which rises as boost pressure increases.
Tony Angelo FR-S US Air Force Garrett Turbo
The 2AZ-FE is force fed air by a Garrett Turbo GTX 3576, but they are looking to change it to a GTX 3582. I asked Tony why he chose to run Garrett and he said, “We have been running Garrett turbos for years, and have found them, especially the new GTX series, to perform really well and take a ton of abuse. Can't ask for more than that.” To control how much boost gets pumped out a HKS GT II 60mm Wastegate is employed and controlled by the Motec. The intercooler is a custom built core made by Dominic Biro, but you'd know that if you read the build up articles!
Tony Angelo FR-S US Air Force Stance Dampers
Stance coilovers and Speedway Engineering sway bars at the front, just like the rear.
Turn 14 US Air Force Garrett Turbo Hankook takata stance
Before we go, Tony would like to send out a huge thank you to Turn 14 Distribution. They came onboard just before the Long Beach round and have helped Tony make 2013 just that much easier by providing him with the parts he needs to keep the US Air Force Scion FR-S going. He'd also like to thank Garrett Turbo, Hankook Tires, and BC Racing for their continued support for the '13 season.

Although he did not qualify at Road Atlanta the FR-S showed even more promise and Tony looks to pave his “Road to the Championship” with Hankook Ventus rubber. This car still has a little ways to go, but it looks more promising with more development in the car.

Takata Racing

Brian Crower Racing

Garrett Turbochargers


Hankook Tires

Turn 14 Distribution

Exedy Clutches



Enkei Wheels

R/T Tuning

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