The Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 3: Gettin’ Wired With Zombie Vampire!


Each leg of the harness is laid out in the car and trimmed to ensure a perfect fit.  Every wire, regardless of its location in the car or function, receives the same bulletproof connector treatment.  Here we see the Garmin GPS units connected to the harness via a Deutsch DTM connector.

At this point, the wire bundles were stripped of the zip ties used in forming the harness, and secured using either spot ties or lacing (spot ties for shorter segments, and lacing for longer portions) for proper anal retentive Zombie Vampire status wire management.  For Project 240SX LSR, Nick has taken a page from the NASA specification manual and hand tied hundreds of tiny knots, most likely while fueled by nothing other than grape 5-hour ENERGY chased by Dr. Pepper.

Zombie Vampires love knots.  Spot ties are not only used in the wire harness, but also have been applied everywhere throughout the car, from the wires behind the center console, to the coil pack wiring in the engine bay as shown here.  Due to his diligence, Nick is well on his way to achieving his goal of using up the entire San Diego area's supply of waxed spot tying thread.

Gold plated pins are crimped onto each labeled wire lead, it's interesting to note that nuggets of gold scavenged from scrapped pins and computer connectors are able to be had on eBay for the purpose of recasting into jewelry or teeth or whatever else you'd like to make out of recycled gold.  

Sausage casing time! The correct diameter of heat shrink for the section being wrapped is selected, and a heat gun is used to make everything permanent.  Since each section or leg of the harness is worked on individually, you can still see incomplete sections formed with zip ties and needing to be spot tied/laced up.

Each labeled pin is the inserted into its corresponding lettered port in the circular connector.  Being able to match your A's, B's and C's becomes important during this step, but to make things more idiot-proof, circular connector manufacturers leave out letters in the alphabet that could possibly be confused with others.  Notice that here, “I”,”O” and “Q” have been removed, good looking out, circular connector manufacturers!

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