The Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 3: Gettin’ Wired With Zombie Vampire!


Unused connector pin ports are plugged to ensure that absolutely nothing is able to enter. We're talking to you, dusty powdered Bonneville salt that somehow ends up everywhere… It's sort of amazing where you find the stuff at the end of a day on the lake bed, or maybe we just need to stop sagging our pants.

In order to add an additional layer of watertight insulating protection, self-fusing silicone “cherry tape” is wrapped around the end of the wire bundle, helping to create a tight seal inside of the connector base.  This is a detail that will never be seen from the outside, but whose integration adds robustness to the harness.

Sealing the wire to connector junction from the outside, an adhesive lined 3:1 heat shrink wrap seals off the base of the connector.  This is one more barrier that will prevent dirt, moisture and most importantly, salt, from entering the electrical system and corroding the wire harness from the inside out.

Sitting behind the screw cuff on this connector base is a wire ferrule which contains the wires and is heat shrinked to the harness, helping to provide strain relief once the screw cuff on connector base is tightened.  The adhesive backed heat shrink, along with the cherry tape that was wrapped on the inside of the connector, provide an excellent seal for the wiring inside.

So here we have it, one completed connector that would look at home in some sort of multi-jillion dollar war machine, but instead will be helping to power a salty Nissan nerd-mobile!

One connector down, now the process must be repeated for the 3 other larger main connectors that make up the harness.  This particular connector is for the AEM AQ-1 data logger covered in a previous installment.

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