The Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 3: Gettin’ Wired With Zombie Vampire!


As you can see, building wire harnesses is one of Nick's favorite parts of building a race car.  Although, I guess his expression is about right, given that this photo was taken after two weeks of wiring harness boot camp mixed in with all the other parts of the car that have required Zombie Vampire attention.

In case field repairs should need to occur while out on the salt, a wiring schematic will need to be referenced.  5523 Motorsports’ Jen-Bot is hard at work here creating one of many pages that will accompany Project 240SX LSR out to Bonneville.

A page from the harness holy book, of which each letter…

…corresponds to a wire in the labeled harness.

In another page from the NASA specification manual, the wire harness is then submitted to tug and chew durability testing from the shop dog, Zeus. He knows where to find the good stuff too, having developed a taste for unused tubes of DR25.

Durability testing complete. Let's get this dang thing in the car!

Clipping in all the clippy bits…

Electrical board final installed: check, wire harness in car: check, tired Zombie Vampire: been checked for months… this thing might just be put together in time for Speed Week after all!

This completed harness is pretty extraordinary. I suppose that for such a critical part of the car, it's only right that so much time and almost OCD levels of attention to detail were spent building it. And while the final product is certainly impressive in appearance, it is difficult to fathom the countless hours of planning, measuring, mocking-up, spot-tying/lacing, trimming, crimping, pinning, wrapping, and heat-shrinking it took to get to this point.  Great job 5523 Motorsports!


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