Titan7 Tacoma AK1 Wheels & Toyo Open Country A/T III Tires
A knurled cut bead seat improves the bond between the tire and rim to prevent tire slippage. This will be huge for us when we go off-road and air down.

Toyotas are super picky with heavy tires and we did lots of research before choosing the Toyo Open Country AT III.  Decision factors included ride quality, looks, rolling weight, and off-road performance.  Our daily diver is more a mall crawler than a hard core off-road project but we’d like to start tackling trails and wanted a tire that could do it all.  The tire is 3-peak mountain snowflake rated (search).  Silica-reinforced compound for chip and cut resistance.  Big chunky tread blocks for water, stone, and mud evacuation.  With how quiet and competent the stock tires were we had some serious concerns with loss of mileage, increased noise, and a harsher ride.  

At 31.6″ tall this tire is a full inch taller than the stock Wranglers on the Tacoma Off-Road trim. We scoured many All Terrain tires across multiple manufacturers and this Open Country A/T III stood out for its daily driving friendly / weekend warrior characteristics in a relatively lightweight package to keep our un-sprung weight in check. Many off-roaders watch their MPGs plummet due to the heavy wheel/tire combinations.

Across the entire range of on and off-road tires In Toyo’s lineup the A/T III seems to strike the best balance across the measured categories of tread life, (winter, wet, dry) handling, off-road traction, quiet ride, and fuel efficiency.  The tread compound is designed to be cut and chip resistant and the evenly distributed void area increases tread block rigidity for stability.  As you’d expect for an off-road tire there are stone ejectors in the tread blocks and the shoulder lugs enhance off-road traction with their biting edges.  The weight of our particular tire is 39 lbs and when combined with our AK1 wheel gives us a rolling weight of 59lbs or slightly less than stock.

The sidewall features 2 polyester plies and the staggered shoulder lugs enhance traction for off-roading



The A/T III has 2 steel, 2 polyester, and 1 nylon ply in the tread. The compound itself it cut and chip resistant and as we explain in our video it’s pretty quiet for an all-terrain tire. The tread blocks are more evenly distributed in this version of the open country and the stone ejectors prevent stone drilling.


  1. I went from Nitto Ridge Grapplers to the tToyo A/T III’s on my 2017 Ram 2500 CTD about a year ago. The Toyo’s have noticeably softer sidewalls (I drive my truck like my Subaru Legacy…or at least I try too) and they do make more noise but they seem to be wearing much better (I frequently tow close to or over the trucks rating) and have better traction in the limited offroad excursion the truck sees. I have no complaints with the Nitto’s but I’ve also been very happy with Toyo’s!

  2. I’m running 16” SCS F5s with (stock size) Michelin ltx m/s in 265/65-r16 on my 14’ taco and love the setup. Wheels are around 17.5lbs and tires around 37 iirc. Michelins are quieter and grippier on the street than my previous KO2s and weigh less. They work great off road in mud and sand when aired out. Haven’t tried Toyos but heard they wear out quickly.

    1. It looks like you’re definitely seeing the benefits of only going as large as you need (16 inches) which is a great way to keep the rolling weight down. I have yet to be disappointed by a Michelin tire I’ve purchased.

      As far as the Toyo’s wear time will tell but after the many reviews I’ve read many people seem happy with the longevity.

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