Turn Up the Heat: The Drift League Round 3
The last battle in Top 16 was Cano Estrella against Hernandez with quite a vast difference in their platforms (an AE86 versus a CTS V). After Hernandez spun on his chase run, Cano Estrella had the advantage after his lead run. However, after chasing Hernandez, the judges deemed his chase “inactive” which resulted in a OMT for the pair. Unfortunately, Hernandez spun on his chase, then went off course on his chase, allowing Cano Estrella to advance to the Great 8.
In the Great 8, Katsanidis and Boline meet for the first battle. Katsanidis got the advantage for both his lead and chase runs while putting on a good show for the crowd.
Next, Cabrerea and Velazquez put on an exciting show with their battles! Both showcased amazing style and there were a couple of close calls that left folks wondering who the winner was. After their runs, Cabrera proved to have a slight advantage in both runs.
Moving along the bracket, Rodrigues and Contreras meet in the Great 8. Rodrigues continued with his aggressive driving and won the battle.
The last battle of the Great 8 was Cisneros versus Cano Estrella. Cisneros was able to create a significant gap against the Corolla, giving him the advantage and win in this battle.
The final four battles were extremely exciting to watch – each driver was hungry for a podium finish. Katsanidis and Cabrera demonstrated their individual talent. However, to everyone’s surprise, Katsanidis spun on his chase run, locking in a podium finish for Cabrera.

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