Underneath the Skin of the Legendary CyberEVO


cyber evo canards

Here's a closeup of the splitter and canards and the thing on the edge of the splitter. While I should really learn more about aero components, I don't think I have the brain capacity at the moment. I'm still too busy learning about engines and engine controls so I'll leave the aero to the experts. What I can tell you is that Nakajima-san didn't just dream this stuff up. I'm sure it was tested and validated on the track or on the Mie University “wind tunnel”. 

cyber evo splitter

The underside of the CyberEVO is flat with the exception of the upward vents just in front of the front tires. The rear diffuser looks fairly ordinary compared to some of the crazy stuff at WTAC 2011 and the crazier stuff you'll see at WTAC 2012.

cyber evo aero

For as light as this car is, most of the CyberEVO's sheet metal is intact so they did not reshape the inner fender wells to accomodate air flow. These barge boards attempt to direct the air from out of the wheel wells. I suspect the door hinges might be aluminum. There's a company in Japan that sells aluminum door hinges for race cars.

cyber evo fender

Of course most of the air from the wheel well will also be exiting this way as well. This shot gives you an idea of how much wider the CyberEVO's track is compared to a stock car. We're probably talking 3-5″ per side.

cyber evo splitter

Imagine reaching inside to mount the splitter and tighten the support bracket bolts. There's a lot of them!

cyber evo voltex hood

You really need to see the Voltex hood in person to appreciate  the quality. Aside from being functional, it's also light with a honeycomb core. Notice the aluminum hood latches from that same JDM company again.

cyber evo wing

The Voltex dual element with add on Gurney flap provides plenty of downforce although it is not solidly mounted to the chassis in any way.

cyber evo rear wing

The rear wing is mounted fairly high up.  

cyber evo trunk boot

You can see that there's some reinforcment where the wing mounts to the trunk lid, but nothing that really connects the rear wing with the chassis. 

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