Underneath the Skin of the Legendary CyberEVO


cyber evo ame wheel

While it seems like everybody in Japan and their moms run Volk xE3xSL or the occasional Prodrive or SSR wheels in Time Attack, the CyberEVO is the odd man out running AME TM-02 wheels. While not the lightest wheel in the world, AME claims stiffness. At 21.80 lbs or 9.9 kg for an 18×10.5 TM-02, the Volk TE37SL 18×11 weighs only 19 lbs.or 8.36 kg each even though it is 0.5″ wider. I don't have access to a tireless 18×10.5″ Volk wheel to weigh.

cyber evo advan tire

The CyberEVO rocks Advan A-050 295/30/ZR18 GS compound tires. These are the controversial tires that were rolled out of the CyberEVO's shipping container. Of course it was fair game that Yokohama released a 295 to compete with the Hankook Ventus TD, but the question was whether or not they were available to the other teams. It was a surprise to everyone that the Cyber team had 295 Advans that morning. They were in fact made available to the public that day at  WTAC which made them technically legal for WTAC, but why the CyberEVO team did not get their tires from the Advan truck is still beyond me. Well it isn't beyond me, but read #3 for yourself:  World Time Attack Challenge 2011 Pro Class Controversies.

cyber evo suspension

Here's a shot of the rear suspension. A set of custom valved Tein, get ready for this: Ultimate Spec Circuit Master Super Racing double adjustable dampers. That's three adjectives and three nouns all in one name. However fancy the name, they seem to do the job for the CyberEVO pretty good. The billet aluminum uprights are probably significantly lighter than the factory cast iron uprights and probably fixes the EVO's suspension geometery to some degree since the car's ride height is so low. 

cyber evo rear subframe

The rear subframe appears stock and all of the rear suspension's anti-squat is still there in all of its glory. I'm guessing that Tarzan has been able to get the car setup to his liking despite what's being left on the table in the geometry department. If you watch videos, you can see that Tarzan throws the CyberEVO around almost like a rear wheel drive car. BTW, that sway bar looks titanium at first glance since it's right next to the titanium exhaust, but it's actually painted. cyber evo engine

This JDM style pie cut aluminum tube grabs air from the right hand carbon head light replacement and seems to blow cool air on the turbo. I'm not sure how necessary it is for time attack, but it's there.

cyber evo engine

The turbo is fed cold air from the air box behind the left hand carbon headlight replacement via a titanium tube. Fresh air never hurts a turbo engine.

cyber evo air filter

I believe this is an HPI air filter. We don't have HPI parts here in the states so this is purely me remembering what an HPI filter looks like (like a fake old school Blitz air filter).

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