Underneath the Skin of the Legendary CyberEVO


cyber evo engine

There's quite a few things going on in this shot. That looks like a Tomei fuel pressure regulator. A breather tank bolted to the factory strut tower brace. Notice the Ultra spark plug wires that go to a pair of wasted spark ignition coils way back there. The CyberEVO runs an Ultra CDI ignition system that you'll see on a later page. That solenoid immediately to the left of the breather tank is a anti-lag valve that pops open on decel and let's boost right into the inlet manifold. With a fuel cut and retard stategy during decel, the turbo is able to stay spooled. Either that or it's being used as an idle air control valve, but I suspect that's not the case.

cyber evo acd

At the rear of the car, this is the fluid reservoir for the ACD (active center differential). I remember a while back that there used to be CyberEVO center diff software in Japanese that allowed people to load different ACD maps. There was some speculation I heard that the ACD was removed from this car. This and the pump under the car pretty much disprove that theory.

cyber evo fuel system

There's a lot going on in the trunk at the fuel surge tank. I see two inline fuel pumps and a fuel filter, but I don't quite understand what all the hoses are exactly. The silver ducting hose seems to be pointing at the fuel pump, but I remember it pointing at the surge tank at some point in the past. 

cyber evo trunk

Almost all of the CyberEVO's sheet metal is still there. I'm not sure if this piece of aluminum with crushed ends is actually doing anything however.

cyber evo cage

Once again you can see that there isn't too much sheet metal cut out. The cage is definitely minimal, but it is there. Will it save Tarzan in the case of a massive crash? Probably not, but it's better than nothing for sure. The cage's base plates probably are not legal for any form of actual racing in any part of the world, but that doesn't matter because it's a Time Attack car.

cyber evo cage

The rear points of the cage are these thin plates welded next to the shock towers. The cage is entirely MIG welded and it isn't pretty, but like I said, it's better than nothing. The CyberEVO definitely has some JDM “git r' dun”. While ultra clean race cars are cool to check out, fast ones win.

cyber evo interior

The roll cage doesn't have a cross bar on the main hoop and the door bars aren't legal for any form of racing anywhere in the world again, but it's light. There's only a fire extinguisher too and no fire system. Just in front of the extinguisher is a lightweight Odyssey PC680 battery.

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