So during my drive back from San Antonio, Texas a couple weeks ago, I saw many fast food restaurants that don’t exist in Southern California. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I didn’t get to try them all. I can tell you that the absolute #1 fast food joint in the nation is probably SONIC. It’s really a shame that Sonic doesn’t exist in socal. Sonic has the roller skating chicks that come out, take your order, and bring you food. Their burgers and drinks ROCK. Anyhow, I went to a spot called Whataburger. I heard it is mainly in the south. I ordered their standard issue cheeseburger. I figure if you can’t make a good cheeseburger, then basically you are fucked and the restaurant sucks. Its kind of like when you go to a sushi joint and you order the tamago. The tamago is supposed to be kick ass because it’s representative of the restaurant’s quality of food and chef’s ability. In America, it’s the cheeseburger. So anyhow, I was rather disappointed when I unwrapped it and it looked the way it did (see below). I understand the shit never looks like the picture, but this burger looked tore up before I even bit into it. The taste was whatever too: dry beef, no dressing or mayo, but they did use fresh lettuce and tomato which is good. Fast food restaurants: EVERY BURGER SHOULD HAVE SOME SORT OF SPREAD!!! Overall: THUMBS DOWN even though it was cheap. What a gyp.


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