WATCH: 650whp “Moderate” Naturally Aspirated LS Build!


Today in the MotoIQ Garage we’re building a Chevrolet LS3 engine for a customer’s drift car but this particular build could be easily tweaked for road racing or even street use. This could be considered a “moderate” reliable engine build that isn’t super exotic and could run on either gasoline or e85. Our hope was to get in the mid 500 horsepower range to the wheels but we were surprised to see it made 650whp! Make sure to check out the dyno run at the end to hear the bald eagles scream!

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  1. Saw video of the ls3 build. for drag racing what brand and lb. injectors would I need and throttle body??, will stock coil packs be sufficient?? and fuel pump recommendations..
    I have now a 2011 grand Sport vette. Most likely will have to sell and buy a roller. I want a street car with a/c . Does the fluid damper make provisions for a/c? Thanks Mr. Greg Orndorff in Ellicott City Md. 21042
    ps: do u install?

    1. A big in-tank fuel pump like a Deatshwerks DW400 or an Aeromotive Stealth 450 will work fine and give you the flexibility to run E85 if you wanted to. I would run 1000cc/min injectors for the same reason as well. For drag racing, I would probably recommend a different intake manifold if you were willing to cut a hole in your hood and a bigger cam, different headers too. It would depend upon your gearing and transmission type. With these changes well over 700 whp is easy to get. For drag racing I would also probably recommend a bigger oil pump since you have a dry sump, the Katech scavenge and pressure pumps are good. Fluidampr probably has a lash-up that will work with OEM accessory drives.

  2. Hello,

    An excellent no-nonsense video (as always). I’m sold on going with a solid-roller CAM but did not see anywhere in the video where the camshaft manufacturer or the Cam part number was mentioned. Would you please comment on that.

    Thank you,

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