The Car Lovers Guide to Japan! Part Two, Non Car Stuff to Do in Tokyo and The Nissan Crossing Part 2

A few days ago we left you back at the Nissan Crossing with a look at the latest GT-R replacement concept.  Please, Nissan, have the balls to build this!

Besides your run of the mill boring cars, Nissan also had this Leaf concept electric race car. It was pretty cool.

It appears that this car actually works and is more than a styling buck.

The car has a functional conventional rear diffuser and the center area may contain the electric motor.

The rear wing is functional and you can see the slots so the rear deck can be removed.  It’s one of the things that makes us feel that this is actually a functional car.

A conventional front splitter is used.  The center kick up is to reduce pitch sensitivity.  If the splitter makes contact with the ground, the center section still allows airflow to the rear diffuser.

Sideskirts help reduce air from curling under the car and the front wheel wells are vented to reduce pressure from tire pumping.

The front splitter has a small diffuser feeding into the wheelwell.


  1. There was a Leaf Nismo RC back in 2011, Nissan built 11 of them and brought them to promo events.

    Not a fast car but at 940kg probably one of the lightest electrics outside formula E.

  2. Kabuki theatre was pretty cool. You can eat and drink in there and traditionally people heckle the actors. Nobody has the balls to nowadays though so they have speakers that they play heckling through.

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