The Car Lovers Guide to Japan! Part Two, Non Car Stuff to Do in Tokyo and The Nissan Crossing Part 2

Small sideskirts are probably to help prevent air from curling under the car. The car has a flat bottom.

The air intake feeds functional ducts.  Probably for heat exchangers to cool the motor or batteries or inverter.

The rest of the stuff at the Nissan Crossing was not that interesting so I didn’t bother taking pictures of it.  I think this showroom display gives Nissan many positive impressions from a high-end clientele that visits Ginza.

A lot of people suggested looking at the Ginza Porshe display but to me, it was a small, less than run of the mill Porsche dealer. They had Macans and Cayenne’s on display and one lonely Cayman.  No trick GT cars or Turbos. They did have a nice cafe/restaurant.

For a taste of Japanese culture, Ginza is also home to the national kabuki theater.  It is world-renowned. I don’t care about that stuff so a picture of the outside is all you get!


  1. There was a Leaf Nismo RC back in 2011, Nissan built 11 of them and brought them to promo events.

    Not a fast car but at 940kg probably one of the lightest electrics outside formula E.

  2. Kabuki theatre was pretty cool. You can eat and drink in there and traditionally people heckle the actors. Nobody has the balls to nowadays though so they have speakers that they play heckling through.

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