The Car Lovers Guide to Japan! Part Two, Non Car Stuff to Do in Tokyo and The Nissan Crossing Part 2

There are almost no words that can describe how the spaces affect your senses.  It is relaxing and mesmerizing.  Here you wander through Lilly pads with moving and ever-changing projections.

Here is a room with floor to ceiling lit icicles. They change color and pulse and undulate to music.

Another room is filled with lamps that are ever-changing in color. In fact, when you come back to many of the rooms they will have morphed into something completely different looking.

This room was full of smoke and moving colored laser beams.  The movements and colors were ever-changing.


  1. There was a Leaf Nismo RC back in 2011, Nissan built 11 of them and brought them to promo events.

    Not a fast car but at 940kg probably one of the lightest electrics outside formula E.

  2. Kabuki theatre was pretty cool. You can eat and drink in there and traditionally people heckle the actors. Nobody has the balls to nowadays though so they have speakers that they play heckling through.

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