WATCH: How to Pass “The Drift League” Tech Inspection!


The Drift League, hosted by MotoIQ, is Southern California’s premier FormulaDRIFT Pro2 licensing series, aiming to prepare drivers for their transition into professional drifting.

The uniqueness of The Drift League is showcased in its emphasis of safety and tech regulations. The series has a rulebook that is an adapted version of the FormulaDRIFT Pro2 rulebook, making the transition from ProAm to Pro2 as easy as possible. The rulebook addresses safety components; tire limitations, along with permitted chassis, suspension, and brake modifications, and much more. This ensures the overall safety of drivers and an even playing field during competition.

Although the rulebook may seem daunting at first glance, The Drift League is ultimately here to help you improve your car & program, while keeping you safe! Please watch along as we take you through some commonly “failed” tech items and provide you with some easy/inexpensive solutions!

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