Project Porsche 987.2 Cayman S: Getting the Suspension Together! Part 1

In our last edition of Project 987 Cayman, we discussed some of the parts we would be installing on our street going track car project.  Now it is time to install our components from KW Suspension and Tarett Engineering.  If you remember from our first article the purpose of our build is not daily driving streetabilty, but to build something that is track ready first and street driveable second.

We are going to start our installation at the rear of the car. Although the 987 Cayman has an unremarkable McPherson strut rear suspension with trailing arms we were pretty surprised with the quality of the components.  The suspension links are all forged aluminum, the uprights or knuckles are made of aluminum forgings and you can tell they were designed for stiffness to minimize brake caliper piston knockback.  All of the joints and pivots are either high quality sealed spherical or small diameter, low compliance hard rubber bushings. The wheel bearings are large and the joints and other suspension components are ruggedly made. I guess Porsches are expensive so you get what you pay for.

Howard started the install by removing the stock sway bar and unbolting the link pivots from the knuckle.

The arms and links were also unbolted from the aluminum subframe.   We were pretty impressed with Porsche’s extensive use of aluminum in the chassis.

Here Howard unbolts the trailing arm from the lower control arm.  This bushing was the largest rubber part that had the most compliance.

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