WATCH: Project DC2 Integra Needs Attention! Part 1: The Battery


We built our Project DC2 Integra into a great handling car for the track but it’s not the most fun car to drive on the street anymore. So we got some work to do starting with a new Optima battery to replace the old one we killed!

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  1. When I bought my 94 DB8 Integra some years ago, one of the previous owners had replaced the left and right engine mounts with some billet/urethane style mounts and left the rear mount stock. I have no idea how hard/soft the urethane was in those mounts, but it definitely transmitted plenty of vibration. While I can’t say for sure that having the stock rear mount in combination with the urethane side was the direct cause, I did experience the bolt working its way out of the rear mount. I had to replace that bolt twice over about three years.

    After the second time I opted to replace the entire set with the softest available HASport mounts, partially because of how they were described in this projects articles as “barely increasing vibration over stock”, and because I assume that what was already in there had a much harder urethane. Upon initial installation of the full HASport mount set, the vibration felt about the same, (and actually a bit more pronounced upon initial cranking of the engine to get it started). However over time the vibration seems to have lessened a bit and is now noticeably better than it was with the stock rear mount and the Avid side mounts. After 2 – 3 years of daily driving on the HASport mounts I would say the vibration isn’t bad at all and I haven’t lost any more bolts out of my rear engine mount, (or any other mounts). Again while I can’t say definitively that having a stock rear mount with urethane side mounts was the cause, based solely on my own personal experience I wouldn’t recommend using that combination of engine mounts.

  2. I kinda think Jeff is getting soft in his old age and the vibration isn’t bad to me but hey it’s not my car! The vibration was not that much worse than the hammered stock mounts, just different. My old SE-R had solid rubber Nismo mounts and that vibration was much worse than the Hasport mounts and that was my reference. I daily drove the car like that too for years!

    1. I actually had to turn the A/C on for the first time this season almost right after I wrote my above comment, and the vibration is definitely more pronounced when the compressor is running, still not unbearable though. (and I’m not one to put up with overly loud/obnoxious things like that in my daily) I had actually found myself thinking several times over the past few months at how much nicer the car is when I first got it, much less noise and vibration……and while one could reason that I may have possibly just gotten used to it, but there were also a lot of other things that were making obnoxious noises that I’ve since fixed which have gone a long way towards making it more enjoyable to drive…….the rattle coming from the old busted exhaust resonator was the worst. – Enjoying this project a lot, seeing a lot of parallels between this one and how my car started coming together.

  3. Front end clunk could be worn out control arm bushings. That’s what happened on the S2000 and fixed with the spherical bearing setup from Blacktrax. The clunk started out mild but as the bushing worn out more, I got a lot of movement in the car/steering in high cornering load situations.

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