WATCH: Tremec T-56 Magnum “F” WORLD PREMIERE!! Install and test!
Tremec FINALLY made it! The T-56 Magnum “F” made to directly fit 4th gen F-body cars and thousands of engine swapped vehicles of all makes that need that same shifter position as the original factory Tremec T-56 6-speed transmission!

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-production prototype to install just in time for Holley’s LS Fest West in Vegas this weekend (May 3-5th 2019) where we’ll be giving this thing a proper test! If all goes as planned expect to see the new T-56 Magnum “F” (or whatever they end up calling it) at dealers by the end of summer 2019!!

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  1. lol! Paint, probably not.. I’m most likely gonna wrap it but wanted to do aero and probably some modifications to the bodykit before i did anything. i ALMOST got a hair up my ass to get it done before LS Fest but then we got the last minute word that the transmission was coming so that hair got plucked!

  2. it’s just a little unpractical for a car that needs to be jacked up regularly. if I trim a couple inches off the rocker panels i can get a jack under there. if i trim the trailing edges of the front fender wheel openings just a little i can have full turning radius (even with the front geometry corrected the 295’s have a pretty large sweep that just barely grazes the fenders). I’d also like to trim the front edge of the rear fenders down near the bottom where they start following the curve of the wheel–at full droop the tires will contact the fender (only an issue when the rear is jacked up.. or if i take a sweet jump)

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