We Check Out AMS Performance’s Turbo Test Rig

We Check Out AMS Performance’s Turbo Test Rig

By Khiem Dinh

A couple years ago, AMS Performance became a Garrett turbo distributor. In order to best serve their customers, they needed a way to test all the turbos to determine how they performed. A turbocharger gas stand is extremely expensive. An engine dyno cell is very expensive. An old Evo shop car? That could be made to work as the turbo test rig.

If you recall our article on generating turbocharger compressor and turbine maps, you need to take a lot of measurements. AMS has instrumentation all over their rig. AMS planned to test Garrett’s entire range of turbos from GTX28s through GTX3584RS. Within that mix are T25, T3, T3 divided (twin-scroll), and v-band turbine housings. So, the 4G63 engine had to be built to be very stout and also adaptable to handle the different turbine housing configurations. Controlling everything is a Syvecs ECU.

Each exhaust runner has EGT and wideband A/F measurement to keep tabs on cylinder to cylinder performance. Side note, check out those welds!
An AEM 4-channel wideband (UEGO) controller converts the sensor signals into useful data. The black box with all the yellow connectors going into it is measuring K-type thermocouple temperature data.
As the turbo test rig setup has to be able to handle twin-scroll turbine housings, a pair of Turbosmart wastegates are used to separate the pulses from cylinder pairings of 1-4 and 2-3. Notice the very nice wastegate flow; the wastegates basically get the priority flow for best boost control.

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