We Visit Gridlife Midwest!
Our buddy Ryan Tuerck was smoking behind the wheel of his awesome Ferrari powered Toyota 86 demo car. This is one of the best sounding drift cars of all time!
Tanner Foust was giving demo rides 4 at a time in his drift taxi VW Passat.
Heavy rain damped the event but it didn’t slow down the fun at all. Many campsites turned into ponds but the hardcore midwest enthusiasts kept on going without missing a beat. We seriously saw some tents with a foot of water in them!
The rain turned parts of the parking area into a swamp and an impromptu mud bog broke out. With hundreds of people cheering, the parking lot turned into a car vs trucks passage contest. Later the mud got deeper than this as participants did there best to please the crowd and bomb though.
Strangely the cars were beating the trucks! Front wheel drive cars, even lowered ones like this Mazda seemed to do the best getting stuck less than lifted 4WD trucks.  After it started getting really interesting, the officials shut down the mud bog, probably afraid someone might get hurt.
This guy had the right idea to bring his own girls since car events tend to be sausage fests!


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