We Visit Gridlife Midwest!
Michael Puglisi’s Evo looked pretty fast, especially in the rain.
Savanna Little and Kendall Samuel going at it during the bracket battle.

Grid Life has a unique Tima Attack elimination format called the Bracket Battle.  Car qualify by lap time for a lot on a Top 8 single-sided ladder.  Two cars are spaced out time-wise by the difference in qualifying times by the officials with the trailing car needing to catch up to the lead car in three laps for a win Touge style.

After 3 laps the positions are reversed with the following car having to play the catch-up game for a win. In the event of a tie, the original lead car will lead for a single lap sudden death battle. This format is very fun to watch and the crowd was really getting into it.

If you didn’t want to compete but still wanted some track action, there was a track day format HDPE program going.

We didn’t manage to get the Grid Life lifestyle coverage going very much because, well no excuses, we were busy having too much fun!  Let’s say it was like a concert festival, a rave and a giant tailgate party all going on at once.  No wonder this event keeps getting bigger and bigger every year!

We will be going to Grid Life’s South Event on August 24-26 at Road Atlanta but this time it will be for work.  We are going to be supporting Dai Yoshihara in the Eneos Oil/Evasive Motorsports Toyota 86 in the unlimited RWD class.  See you all there!

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