APR and COBB Tuning upgrades for the VW Golf R (MK7)

Today we’re going to be upgrading our Project Golf R MK7 with the APR intercooler for enhanced cooling, a COBB GESI catted 3″ downpipe for maximum exhaust flow, and efficiently tuned using a COBB Tuning Accessport V3 with a stage 3 map.  Let’s see how much performance we can squeeze out of VW Golf R MK7.

The COBB GESI Catted 3″ downpipe – 5V2212 features a High Output GESI catalytic converter, a resonated mid-pipe, heat shield, and is compatible with either stock or stock-replacement 3″ cat-back exhausts.

The COBB Accessport V3 GTI – AP3-VLK-003 is an easy to use ECU upgrade solution for your Volkswagen GTI. With the ability to update your factory tune with pre-loaded maps or the flexibility to customize and tune your own maps for all levels of modification.  The Accessport V3 now features a larger, full color, higher resolution screen, customizable multi-gauge display, in-vehicle mount – with on/off switch, and interchangeable faceplates.

The APR Intercooler System – IC100019 features an OEM-location direct bolt-on upgrade that requires no trimming and is recommended at every stage of tuning with forced induction.  This intercooler dramatically reduces intake air temperature, reduces heat soak, and provides increased performance.


    1. I did think about doing that, but the intercooler was just too pretty. Also, the emicivity gains from the black paint job sort loose effectiveness once you start to have air flowing across the heat exchanger.

  1. how much more boost does the stage 3 tune tune? very surprised you only picked up 15 peak hp and 30lb ft with a hotter tune and big downpipe/intercooler. I suspect that if you get the TCU tuned, the numbers will jump up to where they ought to be. Also, any concern not having apples/apples because you changed the load parameters on the dyno between runs?

  2. Can anyone explain a couple of things?
    The MK7 Golf R is rated at 292hp at the crank from the factory. Generally speaking a AWD system will loose around 20% of power thru the drivetrain but….
    1. This Golf doesn’t have the Haldex system hooked up on the dyno?!
    2. If the 20% loss in power is a realistic number; that means that without the COBB downpipe/ APR IC and the COBB tune this Golf would only make around 210whp?
    If 210whp is a realistic number, that means that this Golf R (or any stock Golf R for that matter) have a drivetrain loose of about 29%?
    That is a HUGE % loss in the drivetrain considering this car is fairly new.

    1. As Billy pointed out above, I believe we will see even more power when we update the TCU. Also, the motoiq in house dyno does read low. I’m not a dyno expert, so I’m not exactly sure what difference the change to the dyno made to the power readings.

      1. Our dyno does read low, the power numbers don’t matter, they change from dyno to dyno, what matters is the difference in power when comparing to stock or prior mods.

      2. Thanks Isaac. I understand that the TCU has to be updated but my concern was about the fact this bone stock MK7 Golf R has a drivetrain loss of roughly 29%…..
        As Mike said, dyno numbers are not very important as each dyno read differently and temp/ humidity and other factors play an important role of how the ECU response…..but I’m still baffled a can this new can loose that much.

  3. I wish Cobb would release an option for S3 owners. I’ve been holding out, hoping they come around, but if they don’t I’ll likely get something from 034 Motorsports.

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