We Visit the Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries! Or, the Idiot’s Guide on How Not To Go Off-roading!


“WTF!” Ian is yelling. “We need to go up that hill.” “No, we have to go down and around the hill,” said Jeff.

Meanwhile, nature called and there are no potties in the middle of the desert. So you have to make do with what you got. In this case, Martin found a spot on the back of Project Tundra. Damnit!


These guys looked like they knew what was up so we followed them. With our serious shock softening and tire air down, we could now keep up and never had another close call with getting stuck. The ride was actually comfortable as well. The crew we were following had a few stock Jeeps, so we figured they would not lead us down anything too crazy.


The train of Jeeps lead us here. Another huge spectator area with a spectacular rock garden!


After half a day of messing around, almost getting stuck, trail terrors and getting lost, we got to see some real racing. After witnessing regular people picking their way through the rocks the night before, we were amazed how fast the race rigs could blow right through the hardest terrain. Look at the size of those rocks compared to the buggy.


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