We Visit the Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries! Or, the Idiot’s Guide on How Not To Go Off-roading!


Dust was always an issue and we were totally covered with a fine talcum powder-like layer of it that got into all of our gear and all over and inside our vehicles. Ian had this cool sleeve from snowboarding that acted like a filter. Next year we will all be wearing something like this. We were sneezing up black stuff for the next few days after we got home.


It was incredible to see wheel to wheel racing in this amazingly rough stuff.  Being able to instantly pick a fast line through these rock gardens is a huge advantage when trying to pass here.


The MotoIQ Crew looks on while I try to disconnect the rear sway bar to improve articulation. I was itching to really start getting into this stuff, but realized that none of us brought any tools!


I know we’ve made this sound like a trek and a huge adventure, and for newbies like us it was, but look at all these people who apparently easily got to this location well before us and got to see some rad action. We were amazed at the speed the racers could negotiate this super rough landscape, especially when compared to the previous night’s amateur hour.


After another off-roading advernture we found this amazing vantage point! It looks like we’re almost on the course, but the course is marked off and we were actually several hundred feet from being in the way.


Finally, we made our way back to Hammer Town and we happened to make it just in time for the finish. The last bit of the course is like short course racing right up to the podium. The overall winner this year was Jason Scherer with a total course time of 7:08:25. The closest competitor was almost 12 minutes behind!


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