We Visit the Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries! Or, the Idiot’s Guide on How Not To Go Off-roading!


In high-speed dirt driving, Project 4 Runner was nicely stable.

Likewise, Project Tundra was really good at going fast with its long wheelbase and King Shocks being able to take bumps at speed well.

What were our takeaways from the Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries? The first thing is, air down! We need to be able to air down quickly and accurately and to be able to reinflate our tires to a safe road air pressure as soon as we get back on pavement.

The first gas station on our way home was packed, as many other trucks were trying to air up their tires as well. We will be looking into small air compressors or maybe we will rig up Project Tundra’s Hellwig onboard airlift compressor pump so it can inflate tires as well!

The next thing is we need to be better prepared in case we get stuck. We need equipment to get unstuck, like offroad jacks, tow straps, traction boards and real shovels. We also should bring some tools so we can disconnect swaybars and do repairs if needed.

The next thing is we need to be better equipped to navigate properly. We need to bring an old-fashioned compass and something like a Garmin GPS that does not rely on a good cell phone signal to work.

Finally, we need to bring a supply of emergency food and water. Getting lost in the desert sucks and it would suck more if you were dehydrating to death!

Next year, we want to be back. We will know what to expect and be better prepared so we can actually cover the race instead of writing how we suck at off-roading!

Much thanks to our gracious hosts at Hellwig Products. We are so grateful they hosted us and allowed us to be free of the logistics of sleeping and eating!  Our stay was so much more fun thanks to them.

We would also like to thank Nitto Tires for getting us all the proper passes and credentials so our trip was very seamless. We also would like to thank them for getting us out of our car box and showing us this whole new world of vehicular fun!

We will be back!



Hellwig Products

Nitto Tires

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