World Endurance Championship: Circuit of the Americas 2013


The combination really popped and stood out from the other four Gulf colored cars.


Another Aston leaving the pits.


There were battles throughout all of the classes. LMP1 was mainly an Audi vs. Toyota battle due to several teams dropping out or cutting back in order to better prepare for 2014. This included Toyota, and they suffered from a one car disadvantage. The #2 Audi ultimately won, making it Audi’s 100th LMP victory. Loïc Duval, Tom Kristensen, and Allan McNish delivered the win.


With 20 minutes to go, a splash of fuel and a driver change in the Toyota, sealed the win for the Audi.


The #2 car, beat up, but first across the line. The Audis have taken first place in every WEC event this year.


Rebellion finished 4th. The new LMP1 rules should give the privateers a fighting chance at wins next year.


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