World Endurance Championship: Circuit of the Americas 2013


LMP2 was dominated by the #26 G Drive Oreca Nissan, followed closely by the #35 and #24 OAK racing cars until the 4th hour. Disaster struck the OAK team as David Heinemeier Hansson got the jump on second place Gonzalez coming out of T11, only to have Gonzalez try to take the position  back at the end of the long straight going into T12, resulting in heavy damage for Gonzalez, and enough to the#24 car to eliminate it from a podium position. The #26 G Drive took the top spot, followed by the Delta ADR, and the remaining Lotus coupe.


G Drive ran like a Swiss watch, never straying from first place for too long.


Trading the lead during fuel stops and then climbing back to the top position.


The Lotus Coupe finished 3rd in LPM2 after the sister car went out due to some contact in Turn 1 at the start of the race.


OAK Racing looked solid until a mid race collision dropped both cars out of contention for a podium.


The GTE classes were dominated by Aston Martins. The Astons took both top spots in GTE Pro and Am.


Both GT classes had a lot of nose to tail racing through the esses and position changing on the back part of the track.


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