World Time Attack Challenge 2011: Day 1-Thursday Practice



Last year’s winner, Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada, getting ready for the morning sessions.  Can Tarzan and the Cyber Evo defend their title?  Car was looking good out there, but before we left the track the team was removing the radiator and doing some hardcore wrenching. 


The Option crew is out here in full force.  


The Pulse Racing Evo had to be towed back to their shop at the end of the day due to a bad transmission fluid leak.  It is a very well built car and we hope to see them back out here tomorrow.


Aero seems to be the name of the game out here….


Man, I love me some wagons! I know it sounds weird, but I had a blast walking around the parking lot and looking at all the cars that are not available in the ‘States. 


Two sets of cold buns coming right up.  ARGH!!  


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