Driver Profiles: Taka Aono

Taka Aono

Driver Profiles: Taka Aono

by Justin Banner

The first time I met Taka Aono was in 2010 at Road Atlanta, during my first event covering Formula Drift for my old stomping grounds, There, I interviewed him on competition morning and despite working hard on his car, Taka still took the time to let me interview him. I have not and will not forget that day and that is why I choose him for my first Driver Profile. So, get to know Taka Aono a bit more and read along as he answered some questions and put some info down for his profile!

Taka Aono
Taka Aono, to this day, still does not know why he let me interview him. Maybe he felt sorry for the Rookie Reporter!

1. Profile Information

  • Name: Taka Aono
  • Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
  • Hometown: Gardena, CA
  • Age: OLD enough (41!)
Tough Guy Taka Aono
Despite the Tough Guy Look, Taka's a really nice guy!

2. Car Information

  •  Car Number: 86
  •  Sponsors: Nexen Tire, Megan Racing, Hasselgren Engineering,  Brian Crower, OS Giken, J-Blood, RS Watanabe wheel, Battle Version, Hiro's Auto Repaire, JSP, Pac Auto Body, V-LED
  •  Car (Year/Make/Model): 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS
  •  Drivetrain (Engine/Transmission/Rear End): Toyota  4AG Turbo/ Mazda Rx-7 Turbo II transmission/ Toyota 7.5 diff.
  •  Tires (Make/Model): Nexen N9000 235/40/17
  •  Wheels: RS Watanabe R-Type.
  •  Aero/Body Parts:  J-Blood
The Flying 86
The Famous “Flying 86″ with its Pac Auto Body paint job.  Taka wouldn't want any other car or engine than the 4AGE that currently powers it.  Except, perhaps one with more torque, which he will hopefully get soon!
Taka Aono Number 86
There is no other number that best describes Taka Aono. He is the AE86 man!

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