Driver Profiles: Taka Aono


5. Random Questions:

  • What is the most fearful or exciting thing you have done? It doesn’t even have to be in a car!

Sitting as the passenger of the car that is driven by a very excited, “1st time on the road” driver.


  • Who is the person responsible in keeping your spirits up if you lose or have a bad run?

My girlfriend Yoshie Shuyama.

Yoshie Shuyama
Yoshie Shuyama is the perfect woman for any car guy! She drifts in a 240SX, she is a spotter for the Nexen/Megan Team, and has even competed in Formula Drift!
  • What car is your daily driver?

1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon

Taka's Daily
What a daily driver! An ’86 Cressida with a 1JZGTE!


  • What is your dream engine?

AE86 with engine that is capable of 600 ft-lbs torque and 12000rpm rev limit. See, still not a V8!



  • The “I Believe In Japan!” decal is on your car, how do you want people to help Japan? Is there an organization or website you’d like people to go to for their support?

Any organization!  Thank you!

I Believe In Japan!
Relief efforts have not ended in the areas affected by the Tsunami and Earthquakes that rocked Japan this year.  Donate today!


  • Finally, who do you want to thank or tell people about that has helped you through your career and/or life?

Mr. Richey, Isao Watanabe, Mr. Howard Watanabe, Yoshie Shuyama, Koji Mori, Moto Miwa,  Koji and Hiroko Haraguchi, “papa & mama ” Gushi,  Alex Pfieffer, Mike Meeiem,  Mr. “1JZ” Robert, and Naoki Kobayashi.

Taka Aono and Team Nexen/Megan
From Left to Right: Naoki Kobayashi (Megan Racing Team Manager), Robert Penado (Lead Mechanic for Megan Racing), Danny Anguiano (Megan Racing Mechanic), Mike Meeiem (Nexen Tire Motorsports Marketing Director), Yoshie Shuyama, V-LEDs Marketing Guy, and Taka Aono!
Taka Aono Burnout
Taka Aono
That’s it for this first Driver Profile! I’d like to thank Taka Aono for letting me use him as my test subject and at the bottom of this page is the interview I did with him back at the 2010 Road Atlanta round. Enjoy and See Y’all Next Time!

Taka Aono Atlanta Video from Justin Banner on Vimeo.


PS: In the video, I was nevervous as HELL!

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