Driver Profiles: Taka Aono


3. Questions

  • When was the first year you started drifting and your age?

Accidentally and a long time ago! I don’t even remember…

  • Who or what influenced you to start drifting?


Ken Nomuken
Ken Nomuken, Taka Aono’s influence in Drifting!


  • Where did you learn to drift?

on the paved road…

  • What was your first car?

1971 VW Bug, but my first drift car was the AE86

Taka BugTaka AE86 


  • Was your first experience drifting odd or was it a natural feeling?

Fun, Fun, and Fun.


  • When and where was your first Professional drifting competition?

I do not know when I become professional but I was competing in the very 1st D1 USA and Formula Drift event.


  • Did you use your first drift car or did you use another?

Yes, I used my first drift AE86.


  • Did you do well, as well as you expected, or not as well as you could have?

I did OK in Formula D.  Qualified 2nd and made it to top 16.


  • Who was your first major sponsor that helped you in your Professional Career?

Falken Tire

Taka Aono Falken


  • Who is your or who are your current sponsors and how have the helped you for 2011?

You can look at my sponsor list.  Without any of them, the racing program doesn’t work.


  • If you had to start all over again, what car would you use in if the AE86 chassis Corolla wasn’t available?

AE71 (1982 corolla), hahaha!

AE71 Corolla


  • What engine would you use if the 4AGE wasn’t there anymore?

Any good engine.

Taka Aono

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