World Time Attack Challenge 2011: Results

World Time Attack Challenge 2011: Results

by Jeff Naeyaert

The 2011 World Time Attack Challenge wrapped up this afternoon with a fizzle rather than the fireworks we were hoping for from Team America.  If you've been following our updates on Facebook you know USA's Sierra Sierra took a big lead earlier in the day with a 1:29.0240 lap at the expense of a head gasket.  You also know a protest by the Cyber EVO crew alleging the only way a car as heavy as the Sierra Sierra EVO could turn a time that fast was if they were squeezing NOS added a little drama to the day.  Head game or not, Tarzan responded with a blistering 1:28.8510 lap in the Cyber EVO–rumor has it at the cost of a turbocharger they had no replacement for. 



Sierra Sierra got the car fixed and put back together just in time for the final session of the afternoon adding a little more power to try and regain the lead.  Empringham took to the track, did a warmup lap, came back around start/finish hot where I was shooting at the time followed closely by the GT Auto Garage R35 GTR. 



Meanwhile, the Cyber EVO circled the track in wait, hoping their bluff wouldn't be called.  When the GT Auto Garage GTR came around the last turn and made its way down the front straight  BEFORE any sight of Empringham I got that sinking feeling that Sierra Sierra's day was done… 


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