World Time Attack Challenge 2011: Results



Several cars later my fear was confirmed as the EVO made its way around the last turn and limped back into the pits with a failed gearbox and without the fast lap needed to take back the lead.  Congratulations to the Cyber EVO team for a hard fought victory 2 years in a row!

Tarzan and the Cyber EVO held onto his title with a 1:28.8510!

All in all though it was a really great weekend of competition and all the teams that made it out deserve a great deal of credit for their hard work.  We met a lot of great people, many of whom didn’t even speak English but were nice enough to let us take super detailed shots of their cars for future MotoIQ features (Cyber EVO included)!  Stay tuned for a more detailed wrap-up of the event from coming as soon as I trudge through the 5,000 photos taken this weekend!  I’m sure Eric will have some things to write about from the event as well!  For now though, it’s Tooley’s time, mates!

Third place but still my favorite car of the event, the Revolution RX-7 driven by Mitsuhiro Kinoshita managed a 1:30.5010.  Can anyone translate “You should swapa V8 in ‘er” to Japanese for me?


Granted, Mitsuhiro Kinoshita ain’t real tall to begin with, but I think my wide angle lens took about 40 years off his age! 😉




Until next year!


2011 World Time Attack Pro Class Top 10

PosDriverTeamVehicleFast Lap
1Tarzan YamadaCyber EVOMit. Lancer Evolution1:28.8510
2David EmpringhamSierra SierraMit. Lancer Evolution1:29.0240
3Mitsuhiro KinoshitaGarage RevolutionMazda RX-71:30.5010
4Garth WaldenTilton InteriorsMit. Lancer Evolution1:30.8660
5Anda SuzukiScorch RacingNissan Silvia S151:31.4560
6Warren LuffPrep’d MotorsportLotus Exige GT31:31.9160
7Mark BerryAdvan/Hi Octane RacingNissan R34 GTR1:31.9340
8Kouta SasakiPanspeedMazda RX-71:32.0340
9Steve GlenneyGT Auto GarageNissan R35 GTR1:32.4130
10Earl BamberMCA SuspensionNissan Silvia S131:33.0620


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