World Time Attack Challenge 2012 – Competition Day 1


Harrop Corvette Z06, WTAC
Aww yeah, B. Schoots representing with some American Muscle in the Clubsprint Class at WTAC!  The Clubsprint class is where anyone can come out and play with their modded street cars.


We'll start our lap time recap with the Clubsprint Class.  This is basically the WTAC street class.  All cars must still be street registered and driven by their owners.  Absolutely no professional drivers are allowed.  A pro driver is anyone being paid to drive or is deemed a professional by the staff at WTAC.  Modifications are limited to keep an even playing field and tires must have a tread wear rating higher than 120 – tire/wheel sizes are wide open.  


World Time Attack Clubsprint class


I'm a fan of the drivetrain modifications rules as they are pretty wide open and allow competitors to build their street cars as they wish and still have a place to compete.  OEM engine mounting points and aspiration must be retained and Nitrous is not allowed.  The OEM transmission case has to be retained, but what's inside the case is fair game.  All the suspension parts must be bolted to the OEM points and coil overs suspensions are allowed.  Brake upgrades are wide open as long as the OEM mounting points are used.

Body weight reduction modifications are limited to carbon/FRP hoods, unless other panels came from the factory made of lighter weight materials.  Interiors pretty much have to remain stock, but you can remove your radio, carpet, rear seats, A/C and you can use an aftermarket racing seat. 

You can check out the detailed rules of the Clubsprint Class HERE.


Scorpion AWD, World Time Attack, WTAC 
At the end of Day 1, the Scorpion AWD Subaru WRX was on top with a time of 1:38.8600.  As you can clearly see here, roll cages ARE allowed in the Clubsprint Class.  Though street cars really shouldn't be driving around town with full roll cages, you can't really deny someone from wanting to be as safe as possible when on track. 


IS Motor Racing, World Time Attack, WTAC 
The 1:40.7510 laid down by the IS Motor Racing Evo VIII was good enough for second place, but almost a full 2 seconds behind the Scorpion AWD Subaru WRX.


whiteline, gtr, r34, world time attack, wtac 
Whiteline's Nissan R35 literally “activating more grip”!  M. Tomaszewski was nipping at the heels of the IS Motor Racing Evo's time on Friday, just 0.494 seconds behind the Evo.  The top 3 cars in the Clubsprint class were all AWD cars.


World Time Attack Challenge, Eastern Creek Raceway


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