World Time Attack Challenge 2012 – Competition Day 1


Team Top Fuel Voltex S2000, WTAC 
Team Top Fuel Voltex driven by Taniguchi (who was pulling double duty, also driving the RE Amemiya FD RX7) was in fourth place after Day 1 with his 1:29.0520.  


MCA Suspension S13, WTAC 
And right behind the S2000 was E. Bamber in the MCA Suspension's S13.  This car was the center of attention last year with its extensive aero and the team has definitely got the car sorted out now.  Unlike the Clubsprint and Open classes, the top spots in the Pro Class were not all AWD cars.  3rd through 5th place were RWD cars (S15, S2000 and S13 respectively). 


The remaining 5 spots in the top ten were as follows:

6th:  RE Amemiya – Mazda RX7 = 1:30.3570

7th:  Pulse Racing – Evo IX = 1:30.8640

8th:  Advan Hi Octane – R34 = 1:30.8816

9th:  Notaras Motorsports – Evo IX = 1:32.4470

10th:  Team RevolutioNZ – Evo IX = 1:33.4118


WTAC weather 
At the end of the last sessions of the day the weather really took a turn for the worse.  Winds started picking up and it looked like some nasty clouds were rolling in.  The possibility of rain on Saturday had everyone speculating whether or not anyone would be able to take down Nemo Racing.  It was hard to imagine anyone coming close without perfect weather conditions.


wtac weather



Tarzan, WTAC 
Will Tarzan and Cyber Evo get a chance to defend their title?  Stay tuned as we bring you all the details on Monday with our coverage of the last day of WTAC competition. 



World Time Attack Challenge



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