World Time Attack Challenge 2012 – Competition Day 1


Toyota Levin, WTAC 
Here we see how Andrew Collins' Toyota Levin has taken advantage of the open aerodynamic rules of the Open Class.  This class has a good mix of privateer and pro efforts.  It's a good place for seasoned drivers to test their skills against some hired guns.   

We now move on to the biggest class in the field, the Open Class.  This year there were 51 entries in this class.  In order to give the cars enough space to run their hot laps the field had to be split into 3 run groups.   Unlike the Clubsprint Class, professional drivers are allowed – that's a good thing as the rules allow for cars that can be a handful to drive.

Cars in the Open Class have/had to be available for purchase from a major manufacturer.  Open wheel, Clubman or Kit cars are not allowed.  All panels can be replaced with carbon/FRP as long as the cars keep their factory look and style.  The roofs can also be lowered for greater aerodynamic efficiency and aerodynamic aids are unrestricted.  

Engine mods rules – well, there basically aren't any – except for the restriction on leaded fuels and methanol.  Since engine swaps are allowed and six point cages are required, the firewall may be modified for engine, transmission and cage fitment.  The key rule here is this:

“The rear most part of the engine block may be no more than 2 inches rearward of the most forward point of the firewall, If the vehicle is rear engine, the front most part of the engine block may be no more than 2 inches forward of the most rear point of the firewall.”   


Tilton Interiors Honda Civic, WTAC 
The Tilton Interior turbo'ed Honda Civic was a sight to see/hear on track.  Even with 275's up front, the car was still struggling for traction.

The only interior rule is that the car must have a full length dashboard.  Cars can only run tires that have been approved by WTAC, here's the list of approved tires for the Open Class:


Yokohama/Advan     A048R, AO50R
BridgestoneRE540S, RE55, RE-11S
DunlopFormula R (D83J, D93J, D01J, DZ02G, DZ03G)  
Federal595RSR, FZ201
KumhoEcsta V700, V70A
MichelinPilot Sport Cup, TB15
PirelliP Zero C, P Zero Corsa
SilverstoneFTZ Sport Tyre RR, S575, S585
ToyoProxes RA-1, Proxes R888, Trampio R881
HankookVentus Z221


For the detailed rules of the Open Class click HERE


Dominator Evo 6, WTAC 
The Dominator Evo 6 ended the day on top of the Open Class with a time of 1:30.7260.  A testament to the performance of this class – that's just a little more than 2 seconds slower than Cyber Evo last year! 


Chaser Motorworks Evo 6, WTAC 
Chasers Motorworks Evo 6' 1:34.2260 put A. Hamden in second place in the Pro Class. Take a look at the “Practice Day Recap” for some closer shots of the elaborate aero package.


V Sport Evo X, WTAC 
Once again a class was dominated by the AWD cars.  Rounding out the top 3 in the Open Class was R. Bates in the V-Sport Evo X with a time of 1:34.3470


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