WTAC 2013: The King Is Dead!

WTAC 2013: The King Is Dead!

by Greg Lysien – Photos Courtesy of WTAC


MotoIQ Note:  Though the MotoIQ crew was not able to attend this year's World Time Attack Challenge (Any idea how much plane tickets to Sydney cost? Yikes!!!), thanks to our friends over at the WTAC we are able to bring you a few images of the event along with a short recap of the excitement and battles that ensued.


It almost seems like a tradition now that the SMSP (Sydney Motorsport Park) lap records get reset every time WTAC comes to town. Those who came to witness just that were not disappointed.  From the moment we announced that Nemo was returning to defend its title, all the industry talk honed in on the anticipated “title fight” between the Nemo and Titlon Evos.


There is no denying that last year Nemo had leap frogged most of the 2012 Pro Class field and set a new benchmark of what time attack cars can achieve. What wasn’t widely known is that Tilton really was not very far behind.


Rewind to Tuesday the 15th of October at the WTAC Media Launch Party.  The concensus was, Nemo is the team to beat and it’s going to take a minor miracle to dethrone them.


The media launch party saw the unveiling of the new-look Nemo. No doubt the car looked great and the team sounded confident while basking in the media spotlight. Alas, this is racing and anything can, and often does happen on race day.


The run-up to this year’s WTAC saw plenty of updates on the Tilton Evo.  The team went to Japan where they had a good crack at the Tsukuba circuit, but a run of bad luck prevented them to push the car to its full potential. 


“2012 just wasn’t our year”, said Kosta (owner/manager of the Tilton team). “We struggled with mechanical issues and even on our fastest lap the car wasn’t working anywhere near its full potential.  We looked at our corner speeds and data from all around the track showed that were weren’t that far off Nemo's pace. This gave us confidence that with a bit of work we can take them on and come out in front.”


You can read all about the changes to the Tilton Evo from the man himself, Eric Hsu!


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