WTAC 2014 – Practice Day Coverage Presented by BorgWarner EFR


And this was the surprise of the day! We had the opportunity to meet the owner of this beautiful and legendary Mazda 767b. The gentleman didn't speak a lick of English, but after a lot of hand gestures (and showing of pics of what it is that MotoIQ does) we were able to understand each other and he agreed to let us shoot as much of the car as we could get to. If you aren't following us on Instagram yet, run over there and check out the video of this thing idling in the garage.


Only at WTAC can you find such a diverse group of cars. Right after Jeff finished shooting the Mazda 767b we immediately moved to this purpose built rally car in the same garage. The owner/builder, Alex Kelsey who is in the background, designed and built this car in his garage in New Zealand and it is truly a work of art. Be sure to keep an eye on MotoIQ as you do not want to miss these features!


The track was closed in the morning due to a Ferrari Driving Experience, but once midday came the track was opened to all competitors. Of course the teams aren't running full tilt, but it was still awesome to see them out there and hearing those calming engine sounds. 


Probably the badest CRX I have ever seen! This awesome machine, cutely nicknamed Mighty Mouse, will be competing in the ProAm class. Can't wait to see what kind of times this thing can turn. The ginormous front splitter you'll see is a common theme at WTAC. The grand majority of the ProAm and Pro teams have very elaborate aero packages. 


I think it's safe to say these guys will not be doing any wheel to wheel racing anytime soon. Loving the bright orange endplate covers to ensure no one takes out their shins when walking by, LOL.


A team to definitely keep an eye on during competition is MCA Suspension and their Nissan S13. Last year they were the closest to Tiltons winning time of 1:24.8550 and they are aiming for the top podium spot this year. With a new driver, aero upgrades, and engine package they have a serious shot at the title.


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