WTAC 2014 – Practice Day Coverage Presented by BorgWarner EFR


Another team to keep a close eye on is Scorch Racing and their Nissan S13. Though they finished in 4th place in the Pro Class last year, keep in mind that less than a second separated second, third and fourth place last year!


The reigning champs getting ready to go out for some practice laps. A lot of changes have been made to this car since we featured it a couple years ago, so we will definitely be trying to coordinate another Nerd's Eye View before we leave Sydney. 


Yes folks, that is a Porsche 944. Very interested to see what this thing can do in the Open Class, especially since it really doesn't have much in terms of aero.


Something about Miatas with fender flares just makes me smile!


After our initial walk through of Sydney Motorsports Park it was time to go find Team America. The car was at Hypertune and all hands were on deck as the team prepared the BNR32 for dyno tuning. When Jeff and I left Hypertune the car was on the dyno and all signs were pointing to the team being on the track when the competition starts.


Como? Me no read Ingles……


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